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Forever Day OneBerlinThemenfelder: Consulting & Beratung, Forschung & Innovation, Kindererziehung & Kinderbetreuung26-50 Mitarbeiter/innen1997 gegründet1 offener Job

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Forever Day OneBerlinThemenfelder: Consulting & Beratung, Forschung & Innovation, Kindererziehung & Kinderbetreuung26-50 Mitarbeiter/innen1997 gegründet1 offener Job

Senior Learning Designer*in - Learning & Self-Leadership (gn)

Ab sofort, BerlinVollzeit, FestanstellungBeratung, Business Development, Design & Gestaltung

Über uns

Forever Day One is a design and change company. We help people and organizations learn how to design change. Thereby we help to solve the most pressuring global challenges by training the ability of the right people and organizations to adapt and create a positive impact. We are continuously exploring what mindset, what skills, what environment one needs to successfully design change in our world and translate our insights and experience into effective transformation engagement and learning formats.

In a nutshell

You drive the development and successful execution of a top-notch learning program applicable and engaging for various working groups within a big DAX company or SME’s of the German Mittelstand ranging from Top-Management to operative teams in different business areas, departments, functional groups, and levels. You will empower participants based on the evaluation of their needs by designing and executing, engaging, and inspiring learning experiences. Our learning designers have deep expertise in their field and an endless curiosity for the newest developments in science and research, waiting to be transferred into experiences around various topics like mindset, self-leadership, learnability, new work, and sustainability.

Your responsibilities

You are in the lead to design the right learning experience for the respective context, develop it in time & ensure successful execution.

  • You orchestrate people from supporting disciplines in the process (tech, design..)
  • Learning Design Process
    • Research: You conduct user research to gain an understanding of the user needs as well as the ecosystem and culture around the users
    • Concept/Design: You create learning journeys from the learning goals to storyboards, to detailed session agendas
    • Creation & Production: You choose/create/produce content/ hacks/ playbooks that support the progress and reflection of the participants
    • Execution: You facilitate inspiring and empowering sessions/ workshops online and offline as well as support and coach participants on their learning journeys. This can include some of the most senior people at our clients
  • Learning Design Knowledge: You continuously contribute to our knowledge base and the further development of our learning design processes

In some cases the work can range through all the stages from research to execution, in others you might support our other learning designers with existing concepts in their execution and further development. No project will be exactly like the other, depending on mission and client. 

Your ways of working

  • You can inspire, coach, and empower participants on their learning journeys
  • You see engaging, social, and reflective learning as the foundation of (personal) growth and transformation
  • You can facilitate/ moderate engaging sessions and workshops
  • You are highly communicative and do not shy away from interacting and working directly with the client and external team members
  • You are excited and already knowledgeable in (some of) the topics of mindset, self-leadership, learnability, new work, sustainability (and motivated to keep up with current trends)
  • You are driven and motivated to keep learning and developing in a fast-paced environment

You complement us with

  • Ambition to go beyond standard trainings and to experiment and create at the cutting edge
  • You have at least 4 years of experience with end to end experience design (user research, concept & design, creation & production, execution) digitally and analog
  • Know-how about current trends in the context of learning design, experience design, modern pedagogy, and change management/culture transformation
  • You have used common pedagogical approaches in previous projects, can weigh them against each other, and adapt/ apply them according to the project
  • You have strong content creation skills
  • You have Project Management experience in developing adult learning experiences in a corporate context.
  • Experience in working with (most of) the tools: Microsoft Teams / Zoom, WordPress, Miro, Notion, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workplace including Google Slides, Hangouts, Drive, etc.  
  • You have professional fluency in German. English is a plus

What we offer 

  • A high level of freedom paired with substantial responsibility
  • Cutting-edge projects, which continuously push us out of our own comfort zone
  • Real, substantial work in our field – no consulting buzzwords or bullshit
  • A team of highly engaged, empathetic, and creative professionals
  • A unique expert network & knowledge pool - we continuously explore places of change around the world to learn about their secrets - the experts we meet, the experience we make & the overall learnings are the basis for all our work and a USP we are particularly proud of - and which we share & make accessible to our people
  • A dedicated learning budget that you can use according to your learning path and needs – if you feel like learning Spanish, learn Spanish
  • There’s no set amount of holiday days (unlimited, flexible paid vacation policy)
  • A farm in Brandenburg to recharge your batteries and be creative

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Forever Day One

Branchen: Consulting & Beratung, Forschung & Innovation, Kindererziehung & Kinderbetreuung
1997 gegründet
26-50 Mitarbeiter/innen

Forever Day One ist ein Unternehmen für Design und Veränderung. Wir erforschen kontinuierlich, welche Denkweise, welche Fähigkeiten, welches Umfeld man braucht, um Wandel in unserer Welt erfolgreich zu gestalten.. Wir übersetzen unsere Erkenntnisse und Erfahrungen in Transformationsengagements für Menschen und Organisationen und unterstützen diejenigen, die aus unserer Sicht versuchen, einige der dringendsten globalen Herausforderungen zu lösen.


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