alcemy GmbHThemenfelder: Digitales & IT, Nachhaltiges Bauen1-10 Mitarbeiter/innen2018 gegründet4 offene Jobs

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alcemy GmbHThemenfelder: Digitales & IT, Nachhaltiges Bauen1-10 Mitarbeiter/innen2018 gegründet4 offene Jobs

Business Development Manager*in

Ab sofort, BerlinVollzeit, BefristetCSR, Leitung & Management, Business Development

About alcemy

alcemy was founded 2 years ago to tackle the massive CO2 footprint of the cement and concrete industry. Concrete is used everywhere, for building homes or for infrastructure like roads, bridges, and tunnels. However, concrete is responsible for almost 9% of worldwide carbon emissions.

We change this! Our intelligent production control software enables everyone in the concrete supply chain to make the most efficient use of their resources. Our goal is to be the world's first company that can produce low-carbon-concrete reliably and at scale. We have the opportunity to save 1 Gigaton of CO2 per year.

The opportunity

As Business Development Manager at alcemy, you will

  • drive projects along the customer journey from managing pre-sales projects to accompanying implementation and growing our accounts
  • lead the negotiations with our customers and be responsible for the closing of contracts
  • educate and support our users in working with our product to enable trust in our machine-learning algorithms and increase engagement
  • analyze and identify specific feature requests and requirements in dialog with our customers and translate them into concrete tasks for our development team

As a Business Development Manager at alcemy you have the chance to introduce a new AI-powered product into a traditional industry that is characterized by long-lasting relationships.

The team

You’ll join a team where everyone - including you - is curious and striving to improve our customer experience, processes and infrastructure. We are passionate about helping our customers and approach them and each other in a supportive and appreciative way. We value sustainability and try to integrate that in our office life as well. Our plans to reduce carbon emissions are big. To accomplish them we have to grow as an organization and as individuals, which is why we appreciate giving and receiving feedback.

Your profile

  • You are characterized by a high level of social competence and excellent communication skills
  • You have a high willingness to learn an dive deep into an industry you have probably never heard of before
  • You have the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects at the same time
  • You have a very good technical understanding and affinity towards data and statistics
  • You can quickly empathize with complex customer needs and challenges and like to collaborate closely with customers and a cross-functional team to break them down into solvable tasks
  • You have relevant work experience in a sales, key account management, customer success or project management position
  • German skills have to be excellent (mother tongue or alike), English conversational

Within 1 month you will

  • Complete our onboarding and meet every team member
  • Learn a lot about cement, concrete and how our customers think. In addition, you will learn the intricacies of cement data and the production process of cement
  • Meet our customers and accompany customer conversations
  • Support in the first pre-sales or implementation project

Within 3 months you will

  • Own your first customer from pre-sales project to negotiation
  • Take over existing accounts and support them in their daily operations
  • Accompany a first feature from customer feedback to specification to launch

Within 6 months you will

  • Have responsibility for managing your own accounts that you’ve built up from pre-sales project to implementation to daily operations
  • Act as our customers’ advocate towards our development and product teams and contribute to the development of new features frequently
  • Act as alcemy’s ambassador towards our customers by communicating our product vision and mission
  • Become an expert for quality control processes in the cement industry and speak the language of the industry fluently

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alcemy GmbH

Branchen: Digitales & IT, Nachhaltiges Bauen
2018 gegründet
1-10 Mitarbeiter/innen

Wir sind ein junges VC-finanziertes Startup im Bereich Künstliche Intelligenz in der Prozessindustrie. Unsere Software ermöglicht Zement- und Betonherstellern eine bessere Qualität sowie Einsparungen von Produktionskosten und CO2-Emissionen. Der Baustoff Beton ist für ~8% der weltweiten CO2-Emissionen verantwortlich; unsere prädiktive Qualitätsregelung birgt daher das Potenzial, gewaltige Mengen an CO2 einzusparen. Unser Team ist klein, aber hoch motiviert und vereint jahrzehntelange Erfahrung in der Zementindustrie mit einzigartiger Expertise aus einem der erfolgreichsten Machine Learning-Systeme Deutschlands.


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