alcemy GmbHThemenfelder: Digitales & IT, Nachhaltiges Bauen1-10 Mitarbeiter/innen2018 gegründet2 offene Jobs

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alcemy GmbHThemenfelder: Digitales & IT, Nachhaltiges Bauen1-10 Mitarbeiter/innen2018 gegründet2 offene Jobs

Frontend Engineer (gn) for Greentech Startup in the Process Industry

Ab sofort, BerlinVollzeitIT, Produkt-/Projektmanagement

Über uns

alcemy was founded 1.5 years ago to tackle the massive CO2 footprint of the cement and concrete industry. Concrete is used everywhere, for building homes or for infrastructure like roads, bridges, and tunnels. However, concrete is responsible for almost 9% of worldwide carbon emissions. We change this! Our intelligent production control software enables everyone in the concrete supply chain to make the most efficient use of their resources. Our goal is to be the world's first company that can produce green concrete made out of a 50% natural limestone-infused cement reliably and at scale.

The Opportunity

As a frontend engineer at alcemy, you will

  • lead the frontend development and be responsible of major features in the future
  • make architectural decisions and ensure high software development standards
  • plan and execute the transition of our customer-facing UI written in Plotly/Dash to a full web-application written in React
  • mentor junior engineers

Besides having ownership of our frontend, this role poses a great opportunity to work with a data-heavy solution at the intersection with machine learning.

The Team

You’ll join a team where everyone - including you - is curious and striving to improve our processes, infrastructure, and customer experience. We are passionate about helping our customers and always approach them and each other in a supportive and appreciative way. We value sustainability and try to integrate and improve that in our office life as well. Our plans to reduce carbon emissions are big. To accomplish them we have to grow as an organization and as individuals, which is why we appreciate giving and receiving feedback.

The Tech Stack

At alcemy, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) which enables us to roll out our product at a fast pace. Our infrastructure is managed in terraform and our Docker-based services run on Amazon ECS. The backend and machine learning tasks use Python, Flask, and PostgreSQL, as well as Python's numeric and machine learning ecosystem (NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, scikit-opt, pytorch, etc.). Our customer-facing web app is implemented in Dash/Plotly which allows us to prototype quickly and enables us to integrate the machine learning models directly. Furthermore, we emphasize continuous integration and development to ensure a working production environment.

Your Profile

  • 2+ years experience in conceptualizing and developing modern Single Page Applications (SPAs) using JavaScript and RESTful APIs
  • At least one year of experience with a Javascript based frontend framework (e.g. React, Vue.js)
  • You have worked with a data-heavy app e.g. dashboarding solutions before
  • You have experience in software architecture and design
  • You are fluent in English, with elementary German skills

Skills that are nice to have but not mandatory:

  • Experience in UX design
  • Experience with WebApp framework migration
  • Basic experience with Python

Within 1 Month you will

  • Complete our onboarding and get guided through our development and CI/CD stack
  • Clone your personal copy of our entire production tech stack in our AWS cloud, including frontend, backend, and the machine learning pipeline that you can poke and dismantle at your own liking
  • You will inevitably learn a lot about cement production and the intricacies of cement data
  • Most likely deploy your first code to production

Within 3 Months you will

  • Take ownership of the frontend of our web application
  • Know your way around our entire tech stack
  • Implement and ship your first major feature
  • Conceptualize our transition from Dash to a sole web application

Within 6 Months you will

  • Put your concept into reality and rebuild the first parts of our application in React
  • Have responsibility for estimating time and technical scope of new major features as well as their implementation

Freelance Applications

The roadmap described above does not apply. In addition to the above mentioned skillset, we are also looking for skills in REST API development and python backend development with flask. When applying, please send your hourly rate and availability.


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alcemy GmbH

Branchen: Digitales & IT, Nachhaltiges Bauen
2018 gegründet
1-10 Mitarbeiter/innen

Wir sind ein junges VC-finanziertes Startup im Bereich Künstliche Intelligenz in der Prozessindustrie. Unsere Software ermöglicht Zement- und Betonherstellern eine bessere Qualität sowie Einsparungen von Produktionskosten und CO2-Emissionen. Der Baustoff Beton ist für ~8% der weltweiten CO2-Emissionen verantwortlich; unsere prädiktive Qualitätsregelung birgt daher das Potenzial, gewaltige Mengen an CO2 einzusparen. Unser Team ist klein, aber hoch motiviert und vereint jahrzehntelange Erfahrung in der Zementindustrie mit einzigartiger Expertise aus einem der erfolgreichsten Machine Learning-Systeme Deutschlands.


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