Germany Program Director (gn)

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Berufserfahrung: > 5 Jahre

Arbeitsbeginn: 30.06.2023

Business Development, PR & Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Eventmanagement


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The Week
The Week
One week. Together. To make sense of the defining crisis of our time.


Germany Program Director (gn)

  • Full Time

Join us to lead the rollout of a powerful viral tool that catalyses courageous conversations about the climate and mobilises people to act. We've already engaged more than 7,000 participants in homes, companies, and community-based organisations.

This is a key role on our team that we seek to hire immediately.

We hope this job description provides sufficient detail and information for you to make a decisive, informed choice to join us!

We are now looking for a person to join the Activation team, spearheaded by Leila and Pauline who will help roll out The Week in Germany over the next two years.


How you will contribute

Strategy work

  • Based on the specific strategy of The Week, build an ecosystem of allies and partners that will help us reach out to our targeted audiences and support the climate movement
  • Continuously improve our programming, and adjust our objectives and priorities based on the local context as well as the feedback and opportunities we receive

Activation work

> Outreach

  • Reach out to a diverse array of organisations (companies, sports associations, faith groups, universities, student groups, neighbourhood groups, parent groups...) to spread The Week
  • Collaborate with existing climate and environment programs, tools, and processes

> Provide tools and resources

  • Continuously improve and adapt the toolkits provided to The Week ambassadors

> Continuous Support

  • Support and develop the community of The Week ambassadors through content production, regular training, and progress updates
  • Animate the community to encourage and facilitate peer-to-peer support, co-creation, and sharing of best practices

> Communications (with the support of dedicated comms resources)

  • Send regular newsletters
  • Share and collect stories and build case studies
  • Manage social media (light touch)

> Knowledge Management

  • Document challenges and best practices to share with the rest of the team
  • Keep databases updated and organised


Skills - What we are looking for

  • You have 6+ years of work experience, at least 4 in Germany
  • Fluent in English
  • You have a recent experience in community mobilisation; keeping people motivated, bringing the relevant support, building a sense of community, providing training, and adapting tools to specific audiences and their needs
  • You are a person who can easily discuss and engage with a large variety of groups, and build trustworthy relationships – you are an eager intermediary
  • You have a good or very good understanding of the climate German ecosystem
  • You have a strategic mindset: you know how to set up a step-by-step plan to reach your goal as well as defining priorities based on impact and objectives
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset: you recognize opportunities and take initiative, and you work with a “test and learn” approach
  • You have worked with a variety of organisations (particularly businesses and citizen groups)
  • You have done account management and partnership building
  • You have experience adapting a tool, an experience, or a narrative to a specific context when being loyal to its core DNA
  • You are comfortable creating and working with databases and online tools such as a CRM and Slack. You understand the importance of an efficient digital infrastructure in this work
  • You are comfortable working autonomously and in inter-dependence, with a digital team
This position is for you if...
  • You are demanding when it comes to impact and our contribution to the existing climate field. As a consequence, you are excited to bring The Week to unusual (and more challenging) places.
  • You are not bound to one way of doing things. You are ready to shift your views after a constructive conversation and adapt how you can best contribute to the project and teamwork when needed. 
  • You are comfortable when emotions surface in conversations and are part of the work.
  • You are comfortable dealing with a high volume of requests and contacts, and constantly prioritising. 
  • You don’t mind doing nitty-gritty little tasks alongside strategic work (because it is a small team and we all have to do it).
  • You come with a suitcase of robust experiences and skills in partnership building and community building, ready to roll out after an in-depth onboarding.
  • You want to join a project with a healthy start-up culture with a strong test and learn approach.


About the team

Benefits @The Week:

  • 35 days vacation for a full time contract, flexible working hours, 100% remote with a monthly allowance of 100 Euro. Team retreat every quarter to spend time with each other and work!

Culture @The Week:

  • Healthy and care-minded work culture, great onboarding process, short decision-making processes, a lot of personal responsibility, collegial cooperation. 

Life @The Week:

  • Be part of the global activation time, with currently 3 other people in the USA, one in each following country (France, the UK and now Germany) with Leila & Pauline managing the Team. 
  • A team in a low ego environment where each of us is on a journey to become better people and better allies @work.  
  • We welcome learning from a diverse array of life experiences, cultures, and backgrounds.

Sustainability is the Week:

  • You want to participate into a massive shift in climate action, to mobilise the broad middle, The Week is for you!


Contract Details

  • 4 or 5 days per week (between 30 and 37.5 hours per week)
  • Renewable 1-year contract through a fiscal sponsor
  • Competitive salary - depending on experience
  • Fully remote
  • Ideal start: End June -Beg July, 2023

How to apply - recruitment process

Send your resume and a cover letter describing what you will bring to this role to

Stephanie Cleris

The Week

To solve the climate crisis, we need mass mobilisation - millions of people who transform their workplace and communities from within and who come together to both consume differently and to create political pressure that leads to change. The Week, created by Helene Gerin and Frederic Laloux, sets out to ignite the “broad middle” in Europe and in the US - the majority of the population who are aware, concerned, and/or alarmed, but are not yet truly engaged because they don’t know how or what to do. The Week is a three-session experience over the course of one week (hence the name) in a small group of friends, family, coworkers, schoolmates, or worshippers. During each session, the group watches an episode of a powerful documentary together, carefully scripted to unlock an emotional reckoning in participants, and spark vulnerable, profound group conversation.


© ©The Week


Wissen vermitteln

Förderung sozialer Innovationen

Wir fördern soziale Innovationen und Kreativität, indem wir Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen mit ihrem einzigartigen Wissen, Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen zusammenbringen und damit neuen Ideen und Lösungen einen Raum geben.

Lösungen zur Bildungsförderung

Unsere Aufgabe ist es, Kindern und Erwachsenen Kenntnisse anzueignen und Inhalte, Sprachen oder Theorien weiterzugeben, die ihnen als gute Grundlage für ihren weiteren Weg dienen.

Aufklärung über gesellschafts- und umweltrelevante Themengebiete

Wir sehen unsere Aufgabe darin Informationen für die Masse zugänglich zu machen und wollen die Menschen über aktuelle Situationen in der Welt aufklären oder auf Handlungsmöglichkeiten hinweisen.

The Week


The Week

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Job online bis 12.06.2023