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We made it our mission to produce a unique CBD oil that is safe, effective, and tastes great. And we succeeded. What makes us so sure?
Firstly, we can proudly say that we produce our CBD oil ourselves, and closely monitor and regulate every step of the process, from the field to the final product.
Secondly, our patented extraction technology allows us to extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids in our oil.
Thirdly, our expertise enables us to filter out all undesired components, which results in a product that is mild in taste. 

As they say: One year in the Cannabis industry equals seven years in any other industry. Why is that? Because research on cannabinoids like CBD is incredibly fast-paced due to the great potential of the cannabis plant. New studies are published nearly daily to review the benefits and side-effects of cannabinoids. And almost every day, new, exciting products make their entrance onto the market. You may ask yourself: How do we keep up?

The secret behind our premium CBD oil is rooted in one special ingredient: Our Team.

Our team is the core of everything we do. Yes, we do produce fantastic products. And yes, we are located in an exciting city. But most importantly, all the people who choose to participate in our adventure that is “Becanex” are the ones who really make it work. It is key to us to create a humble and fun atmosphere in our team from which special things can arise and that brings us joy at work. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

Our team is based in Berlin-Friedrichshain (Germany, Administration & Sales), Berlin-Adlershof (Germany, Production) and Wageningen (The Netherlands, Research & Development). 

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Unser Nachhaltigkeitsziel

Menschen helfen

Menschen in ihrer aktuellen Situation zu helfen steht für uns an erster Stelle. Wir kümmern uns um Betroffene in Krisensituationen, unterstützen Kranken- oder Altenpflege sowie Nachbarschaftshilfe oder sehen die Stärkung eines gemeinsamen Verständnisses als essentielle Grundlage unseres Zusammenlebens.


Wir fördern einen aktiven und gesunden Lebensstil für mehr Vitalität, Unbeschwertheit und Potentialentfaltung jedes einzelnen, denn für eine glückliche Welt braucht es Menschen, die im Einklang mit sich und ihrem Umfeld leben.

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