Have you ever thought about where your superfood comes from? Sadly clean food doesn’t automatically mean clean production. YourSuper not only sells high quality protein mixes and superfoods but also cares about the whole supply chain and fair wages for the farmers who grow the ingredients.

Your superfoods and plant protein mixes are not only high quality, but also fairly produced. From where do you source your ingredients and which stations do they pass through from raw material to the final product?

Our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and they are grown and harvested to be USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO verified. Before the ingredients are dried, they’re tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbiology. Once the ingredients are milled into powders and ready to be canned, they’re tested again by a 3rd party lab.

What does “clean” and “fair” production mean to you?

Clean and fair production is something we are very passionate about. It means that we’re getting the cleanest, highest quality foods possible, while ensuring that the farmers are being taken care of and paid fairly. We source all of our superfoods directly and know exactly where they come from.

How do you manage upholding a transparent supply chain and controlling the work conditions?

We believe that you should be able to know where every (super)food comes from. Therefore, we created a 100% transparent supply chain where you get to know our “Your Super Heroes:” the people who grow these powerful and nutritious superfoods. This allows us to visit our farmers to see how our ingredients are grown.

How do you support local farmers?

By sourcing directly from small farmers, we’re able to help support local communities by creating more jobs and bringing revenue to places that are struggling. Additionally, sourcing from our “Your Super Heroes” empowers small farmers to practice sustainable farming.

Do you think that consumers started to pay more attention to the production process over the last decade?

Absolutely. Now more than ever, people are more mindful of what they consume. I think everyone is starting to realize that diet and disease go hand-in-hand, and if you feed your body clean, whole foods, you’ll actually live a longer and healthier life.

How do consumers recognize truly fair produced food products?

Not every company has a transparent supply chain, meaning it isn’t always easy to tell if what you’re buying was actually produced fairly and sustainably. If a consumer wants to know the process of how their food was made, their best bet is to research more about the company and its values.

Consumers, companies or governments – who must take responsibility for a fair production?

Companies. Unfortunately, we know the government doesn’t always have our health in mind, so it’s the company’s responsibility to make fair production one of their top priorities.

Do we need political action or stricter laws to improve work conditions worldwide? What changes are necessary?

If that’s what it will take for agricultural workers to be treated fairly and paid appropriately, then absolutely. Farm workers are paid little to nothing, but have the most arduous jobs. It’s time workers receive fair pay. If we can do that, we can help local communities thrive, and support countless families.

YourSuper produces superfoods and protein mixes that are based on high quality ingredients. It can be added to food or drinks for extra energy and a better immunity. If you are interested in working with them, have a look at their current vacancies.