Organisation for Human Health and Happiness

Organisation for Human Health and Happiness


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Organisation for Human Health and Happiness


When we started our journey with founding Jugend gegen AIDS in 2010, we were pupils who wanted to do something against AIDS. As of today, more than ten years later, we have grown into an organization with public visibility, international reach and prominent supporters. We have established two international organizations, Jugend gegen AIDS and Youth against AIDS, we implemented an international condom distribution program, a podcast, and an AI-based chatbot on a platform that provides young people with reliable and target group tailored information.

We can proudly name politicians, entrepreneurs and scientists as professionals and representatives for companies who have joined us on our journey and remain as our backing support. One would probably speak of a real success story.

However, today we would rather be "for" something than “against it” and we do much more than just fighting AIDS. To give each existing or upcoming brand, project or organization the most fruitful ground, we have founded the Organization for Human Health and Happiness. We will continue with what we did, focus on our strengths and complement our portfolio with new ideas. Creating and providing tools, that will fundamentally improve the future of teenagers and young adults in the mirror of health, well-being and innovation will substantially remain the core of our engagement. We will take the leap forward, always with a firm eye on the future of our generation.


Ohhh! aims to empower young individuals to explore, embrace and experience their sexual identities safely and respectfully in a time that is ever-changing. Coming from a background of coupling creative activism with a strategic calculus, we take this step into our future consciously and purposefully.

Ohhh! builds the logical sequel to not only fighting STIs, but ameliorating the health and happiness of people around the globe by holding a wide-spread portfolio full of innovation, engagement and passion.The measurable effectiveness of our projects stems from the ability to dynamically adapt to emerging challenges whilst remaining unchanged in our ambition and aspirations as unconventional but determined young leaders. We seek to provide our audience with relevant information and services, following our goal to educate, enable, and empower those who build the future. ‍

As modern times require modern solutions, we intend to keep our role as brave pioneers and therefore expand on digital innovation as a key factor in all of our work. We would like to invite you to our inspiring journey - we don’t know the final destination yet - if there’s any at all, but we’re confident to always meet our aspirations.


Dafür setzen wir uns ein

Wissen vermitteln

Förderung von Wissensaustausch und einer inklusiven Bildung

Unsere Vision ist, dass Wissen allen zur Verfügung steht und deshalb setzen wir uns dafür ein, dass sich Menschen mit ihren unterschiedlichen Lern- und Leistungsvoraussetzungen mit Wissen, Fertigkeiten und Fähigkeiten weiterentwickeln können.

Aufklärung über gesellschafts- und umweltrelevante Themengebiete

Wir sehen unsere Aufgabe darin Informationen für die Masse zugänglich zu machen und wollen die Menschen über aktuelle Situationen in der Welt aufklären oder auf Handlungsmöglichkeiten hinweisen.

Gesellschaft fair gestalten

Förderung von Diversity oder Vielfalt

Wir betrachten die Vielfalt und Heterogenität der Gesellschaft als grundlegend. Egal welches Geschlecht, welche Hautfarbe, welche Religion oder welche sexuelle Orientierung – wir wollen gleichwertige und faire Lebensbedingungen für alle Individuen schaffen.


Unsere Benefits am Arbeitsplatz


Entspannungsmöglichkeiten, Kicker / Tischtennisplatte, Kostenlose Snacks und Getränke, Diensthandys und -laptops


Remote, Home Office, Diversity Management, Flexible Arbeitszeitmodelle, Teamevents, 1 weitere


Gute Verkehrsanbindungen, Parkplätze für Fahrräder


Weiterbildungsprogramme, Coaching
Unsere Vision für die Zukunft

A healthy and happy life for everyone.

We provide knowledge, safety and support for the health, well-being & happiness of young people.


Unser Bewerbungsprozess

Our application process is always aligned with the positions to be filled. In principle, however, there are three interviews.

1) Cultural fit interview with People & Culture

2) Professional assessment with the department

3) Final interview with our management

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Please be authentic!

Please be confident in what you want to do!

You don't have to be an expert, but you do have to have the will to learn

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Organisation for Human Health and Happiness


Organisation for Human Health and Happiness

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